They were always a pain in my ass

They were always a pain in my ass

I love Obama XDI don’t care if you don’t like him for President.He’s still a great guy.

I love Obama XD
I don’t care if you don’t like him for President.
He’s still a great guy.



Wise words.From an unknown source.

Wise words.
From an unknown source.

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Gears of War 3: C.O.G Snub Pistol Precision Prop Replica

Take aim. Here they come.

  • Feels like cold, hard steel in your hand
  • Hand-cast, hand-finished, hand-painted
  • 13 inches, 10 pounds, 1 machine


    Light up, too! :D

    There’s blood in your mouth. The flecks of metallic splatter escape the convulsing skull of a Locust brute as you power the gnashing spin of rusted blades through his howling face. Does its blood taste like your chainsaw or is that the taste of the brute’s crude chrome finish? The toughest part is at the base of the neck. It’s surprising your saw doesn’t give up half way through. It takes a moment to re-grip and drive down, and in that moment, the renewed sound of howling Locusts floods your ears.

    You shove the butt of the gun just under the crook of your right arm and reach for your Snub Pistol. There she is. A quick kiss on her barrel and it’s over the shoulder, the corner of your eye running the length of her pristine body. You’d take a moment and marvel at her, but she’s got work to do, and it’d be rude to think she’s got the time.

    Breathing down the digitized neck of Marcus Fenix is the closest you’ll ever get to feeling the shredding torque of blood-stained steel clawing its way through Locust flesh. But, the desire for proximity has finally been addressed: the Gears of War 3 C.O.G. Snub Full Scale Replica. A masterfully crafted, polystone-cast, precision replica of the standard-issue, semi-automatic sidearm, this piece comes straight from the hands of Delta Team. Easily the most intricately detailed replica on the market, there’s nothing remotely close to the feeling of gripping 10 lbs of elegant destruction.

    Product Specifications

  • Gears of War 3 - C.O.G. Snub Full Scale Replica
  • Are you tough enough to handle one?
  • Officially licensed Gears of War 3 replica weapon
  • Made of hand-painted, hand-finished, hand-cast polystone
  • Feels like cold, hard steel in your hand
  • Dimensions: 13” long
  • Weight: 10 lbs

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Damn cats.Getting shit upside down …

Damn cats.
Getting shit upside down …